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Free Hertz #1 Club Gold membership and FREE WEEKEND RENTAL

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Hertz is somewhat rebranding….their frequent renters program used to be called Hertz #1 Club.  They are now rebranding and calling it Gold Plus Rewards.  With this, they are offering enough points (for FREE of course) to redeem for a free weekend rental!  All it requires is registration.  First, if you are not a member of their program, follow these instructions.

Hertz Gold is usually $60 annually, but now until September 30th, they are offering to waive it for free.  I already had it as a complimentary benefit with the American Express Platinum Charge Card.  Here is the sign up page that offers the free Hertz Gold membership.  A few of the perks of being a #1 Club Gold over a non-member (taken from

  • Speed and Expedited Service – at over 40 of the world’s busiest airports, there’s no stopping at any counters.
  • At over 1,000 locations worldwide, go to the designated Gold counter, show your license and pick-up your keys.
  • Instant Return – a representative will process your return at your vehicle.

Now once you have a Gold membership, register for the free 500 points here.  Also in this promotion, it says you can also earn 100 Bonus Points (in addition to Base Points) for every rental day July 1, 2011 through September 30, 2011.  A few things to note:

  • In my email from Hertz, it says that the points would post instantly.  In the Terms & Conditions it says that it may take up to 4 weeks.  I still have not received my points, registering for the promotion 6/24/2011.  We’ll see when I end up getting them.
  • Some of the language in the T&C indicates that the points will post after you have had rental history with them, or after your next rental.  Hopefully they will just post within the 4 weeks without any rental.
  • The waived Hertz Gold membership fee says its good until September 30, 2011.  There has been speculation on FlyerTalk about the real definition of this.  Does your membership expire after Sept. 30?  Will you get charged the $60 after that date?  Is your membership good for a year as long as you enroll before Sept. 30, then get charged the $60 sometime in 2012?
  • The 100 Bonus Points per rental day can really add up, but they also may not be eligible if applying a Promotional Code (PC), but ARE eligible in conjunction with a Discount/CDP/Club Code.  Again, T&C language can be confusing, and I’m not exactly sure if my interpretation is correct.
Here is a pic of the email, I will let you interpret the T&C for yourself.

(Click to enlarge) Their heading is missing a "w" 🙂

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