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Free Hilton HHonors Gold status

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MilesQuest gives a step-by-step process for getting FREE Hilton HHonors Gold status.

I had a recent free hilton gold expire from a similar offer last year.  When I went to do this, I had to use a different browser when filling out the visa infinite offer page.  Not exactly sure when the status expires, but it definitely is at least good through 12/31/2013, possibly longer.
The main benefits of Hilton Gold are:
  • Free internet
  • Elite line access for less wait time
  • Upgraded rooms on availability (not to suites)
  • Lounge access if you are upgraded to an Executive Floor room
  • Free access to Fitness center/health clubs
  • Late checkout
Feel free to share.

FREE (almost) weekend rental from Avis

Posted in Avis, Car Rental, Deals with tags , , on March 26, 2013 by getgowing

Good through June 30, 2013, you can get a free 2-day weekend rental from Avis by inputting the following code in the Coupon field:


It requires at least a Friday night.  Many locations are showing as unavailable so get on it fast.  There is almost no risk since you can cancel your reservation later.  I don’t really have a need for a weekend rental between now and then, but I did pick up a rental just for fun this weekend.  Full size Impala or similar for $7.60 for 2 days!  If you rent from a non-airport facility it will be even cheaper.  Have fun!

British Airways & SWISS first class for $700, & background on the cheap Myanmar first class fares

Posted in Deals, Travel Tips with tags , , , , , on October 2, 2012 by getgowing

In the travel hacker world, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding one-way and round-trip tickets originating in RGN (Yangon, Myanmar).  For now a third time this year, there have been INCREDIBLE fares for travel from Myanmar to various Canadian destinations.  For example, I recently booked this one-way:

Yangon-Kuala Lumpur-Singapore in Malaysia Airlines business

Singapore-London Heathrow in British Airways First

London Heathrow-Zurich in British Airways business

Zurich-Montreal in SWISS First

Usually a one-way itinerary like this would cost in the range of $9,000-$12,000

I PAID $702

Now I cannot take any credit in discovering this “fare mistake.”  I originally read about the first version of this from a post by Matt at (late April/early May 2012), and the most recent version originally from a post by View from the Wing (Sept 27, 2012).  The current FlyerTalk discussion about the latest round can be found here.  The crux behind this is somewhat of a mistake fare by the airlines, but primarily due to the Myanmar government fluctuating their currency by ENORMOUS magnitudes.

Compared to the USD, the Myanmar Kyat (MMK) changed from 6.41:1 to 822:1.  That’s a factor of ~128x.  If you took $1,000 to purchase MMK, you would have 822,000 MMK.   After the valuation change, if you sold them at 6.41:1, you would then have ~$128,000!  What a payday that would be!

The red bars (which I added) are the approximate time periods for the airfare mistake sales.

The MMK fluctuations occurred primarily around 3 periods:  early April, early August, and early September.  And about 2.5 weeks after the initial fluctuation is when the feed frenzy of airfares happens.  So if you took a $12,800 fare, it would only be about $100, of course overly simplified.

I bet that Burmese government is enjoying the extra tourism revenue caused by this, at the expense of the airlines.  My guess is that this is not the last time we’ll see them play with their currency.  Keep an eye out for the next dip, I’m sure another sub-$1,000 premium class fare will pop up shortly thereafter.

Currency fluctuations are key ways to Travel above your means and within your budget.  I have a friend that used to buy round-the-world tickets in business class and first class, and only pay about $5,000 for it.  After you include the miles you earn which you then redeem later, it was a steal.  And again, he would buy a round-the-world ticket from a country which has a high exchange rate to the USD.

Gas money savings results, and free Delta ticket giveaway

Posted in Credit Cards, Deals with tags , , on September 8, 2012 by getgowing

In January I wrote about the possibility of saving up to 8% on gas for life. Here are the results from what I did:

  • I purchased $1,200 in BP gas cards.
  • Those gift cards in return got me 348.981 gallons.

Again, using those gas cards let me pay the cash price instead of the credit price. At every fill-up, the cash price was $0.10 less than the credit price. Had I filled up using a regular credit card paying credit prices, I would have spent $1,234.90. (I kept a spreadsheet of every fill up noting what the cash price, credit price, number of gallons, and total sale of fuel was.)

I saved $34.90 or 2.83%.

But at the time American Express was offering a 5% statement credit on all BP purchases, so I effectively only spent $1,140 (a 5% rebate of $1,200 is $60). That translates to a savings of $94.90.

I actually saved $94.90 or 7.68%.

These savings can be reproduced indefinitely if a few conditions are met:

  • You usually pay with a credit card (to earn miles/points of course) and there is a discount for paying cash
  • Using the company gas card is like paying with cash
  • Your credit card offers at least a 5% return for gas purchases

There are several cards that currently offer 5% cash back for gas purchases. Discover, Chase Freedom, and the PenFed Platinum. The Discover and Chase Freedom offer 5% only during the 1st and 3rd quarters of the year, and is capped at $1,500 for each of those quarters. $3,000 a year total for those two cards. The PenFed Platinum Gas cards have no limit, so if you purchase more than $3,000 a year in gas, you may want to consider that credit card.

On this particular deal, I did a little better than $94.90 in savings since I also earned 2,400 Membership Reward points.

Free Delta Ticket Giveaway

From my post yesterday, I have an unused companion certificate that is going to expire at the end of the month. Along with the free companion certificate, I am also including two “Have One on Us” certificates good for one alcoholic drink or non-perishable food item. For more information and how to claim this free companion ticket, read my post “Free airline ticket giveaway!

Free day of parking at Newark Airport (EWR)

Posted in Deals with tags , , , on August 31, 2012 by getgowing

Anybody that has to park long-term at EWR, the NY/NJ Port Authority has a coupon that gives you 1 free day after 3 paid days.  So essentially 25% off 4 days of parking (4 days for the price of 3).  Coupon expires 6/30/2013, and seems it can be used/printed multiple times.  Valid at the P1/P3 lots.

Parking lots P1 & P3 are considered daily lots and not long term, and cost $24/day if parking long-term.  Parking lot P6 (EWR’s long-term lot with 24 hr. shuttle service) is $18/day.  However, P6 is 3 miles away from the terminals.  With this deal, you can park at the closer lots with AirTrain service to the terminals.

LINK to 4 day free parking coupon.

Save as much as 8% on gas for life

Posted in American Express, Credit Cards, Deals, Promotion with tags , , , , , on January 28, 2012 by getgowing
Let me preface this post by saying,I LOVE AMERICAN EXPRESS!

My relationship with Amex has brought me tons of benefits, and this one is just more icing on the cake.  Through 1/31/2012, American Express is offering 5% reimbursement on all purchases from BP (and also assuming Arco, though I personally haven’t tested it).  Only 3 days left, get in on it soon; register your Amex card here.

Now to lock in this savings for as long as you can afford to, up front, go to a BP gas station and ask to buy prepaid gas cards.  If you try to buy the gift cards online, you may not get the 5% reimbursed as it seems BP’s gift card purchases online are handled by a third party, and your purchase may not show up on your statement as a BP purchase.  The great part about these BP gift cards is that if you live in an area where they charge a different gas price for cash purchases and credit card purchases, these gift cards allow you to pay the cash price.  If you always purchase gas with a credit card (as I do, gotta rack up them points & miles), then this is a way to save up to 8% on your gas purchases, AND get the points for them too.

Double MR points if you are buying them with the Amex Premier Rewards Gold card.  If you don’t have one and want to get one, leave a comment below with an email to contact you (or email me at and I can give you a referral link that is better than the current public offer.  It is first $175 annual fee waived, and 25k MR points after only $2,000 spend in 3 months.

If you’re in a full service state, make sure your attendant charges you the cash price before they start pumping.  So if you’re willing to invest and pay in advance your gas for the rest of the month, year, or many years, this is a way to keep your gas prices a little lower.

For the math proof continue reading.  Otherwise, feel free to tell your friends about this post and save them money too!

Last week, a local BP station was charging $3.15 for cash, $3.25 for credit.  If I buy $1000 in gift cards, I will get a statement credit of $50 reimbursed from Amex.

$1,000 in gas at $3.259/gallon = 307.692 gallons

$1,000 in gas at $3.159/gallon = 317.460 gallons

But since I effectively only paid $950 for the 317.460 gallons, I paid $2.992/gallon.

($950/317.460 gallons = $2.992/gallon)

Since I usually pay the credit price, I just saved 26.7¢ per gallon.

($3.259 – $2.992 = $0.0267)

Saving 26.7¢ is approximately saving 8.2% per gallon off of the regular price of $3.259 per gallon.  Of course gas prices fluctuate, so the savings will vary as well.  But its still a significant enough of a savings that I’m definitely going in as much as I can to maximize this deal.

American Airlines fare sale to the Far East, and AAdvantage Gold Elite status for $721.20

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American is having a sale to Beijing, Shanghai, and Tokyo.  Book by January 30, 2012, start your itinerary by March 31st, and complete it by April 30th.  Here are some sample one-way fares:

JFK-PEK (with stops) for only $376 each way

For those like me that want to get the most mileage for your buck, there are very loose routes, where you can go JFK-LAX-ORD-PEK.  In my example below, I picked the absolute cheapest fares, while trying to use the farthest connections allowed at those fares.

Outbound: JFK-MIA-ORD-PEK (8866 miles)

Inbound: PEK-ORD-MCO-JFK (8528 miles)

Total mileage = 17,394 miles.

If you take into account the DOUBLE Elite Qualifying Miles, register free here, through January 31, then you will bring you to a grand total of 26,260 Elite Qualifying miles (In my example, only the outbound would qualify for the double Elite Qualifying Miles).  Enough for AAdvantage Gold Status!  All for only spending $721.20.  AND you get to see Beijing, and probably the Great Wall.  Get in while the fares last!

JFK-PEK (with stops) for only $376 each way

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