Interesting sign in NRT

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I am currently in transit to Nagoya, and this sign was in the ANA domestic departure section in Tokyo Narita airport (NRT). I found it amusing. That guy in the second pic I guess is a little sweaty down there.


Guide to Delta Round-the-World awards guest post

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I recently started a new position as an award booker with Juicy Miles. I book all kinds of awards, and am marketed as the SkyTeam expert on the team. The owner, Adam, who also writes the Point Me to the Plane blog on and asked me to write about my experience with a recent client’s Delta RTW award.


Guide to Booking Round-the-World Awards with Delta SkyMiles

Free Hilton HHonors Gold status

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MilesQuest gives a step-by-step process for getting FREE Hilton HHonors Gold status.

I had a recent free hilton gold expire from a similar offer last year.  When I went to do this, I had to use a different browser when filling out the visa infinite offer page.  Not exactly sure when the status expires, but it definitely is at least good through 12/31/2013, possibly longer.
The main benefits of Hilton Gold are:
  • Free internet
  • Elite line access for less wait time
  • Upgraded rooms on availability (not to suites)
  • Lounge access if you are upgraded to an Executive Floor room
  • Free access to Fitness center/health clubs
  • Late checkout
Feel free to share.

FREE (almost) weekend rental from Avis

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Good through June 30, 2013, you can get a free 2-day weekend rental from Avis by inputting the following code in the Coupon field:


It requires at least a Friday night.  Many locations are showing as unavailable so get on it fast.  There is almost no risk since you can cancel your reservation later.  I don’t really have a need for a weekend rental between now and then, but I did pick up a rental just for fun this weekend.  Full size Impala or similar for $7.60 for 2 days!  If you rent from a non-airport facility it will be even cheaper.  Have fun!

Disappointing lounge experience

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Of course this is a first world problem. I’m not that disconnected to reality. With that said, I’m in the Brisbane Virgin Australia International departure lounge, which is contracted out to Air New Zealand Koru Club. Many airlinese use this lounge here. There is just a Qantas club and an Emirates club at this airport in addition to this club. Is it that difficult to remodel a little so there are plugs near seating areas? Can there be clean and even a little visually pleasing shower facilities?

No plugs almost anywhere you would want to sit. Went to take a shower, they just had dirty towels on the floor, not cleaned before the next user. Worst part was, there was a lounge employee who was in the bathroom who definitely saw the mess in the shower room. But it was just left for me to clean i guess? The shower doesnt drain well because of the slope of the floor, it just goes all over the entire shower room door.

Air New Zealand lounge manager in Brisbane, what are you thinking?

Update, and money savings in Australia

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(Though I’m sure with my posting frequency by now I have probably 5 people reading this)

Koala hug  :-)

Koala hug, though more like a cheap feel 😀

I’ve only been here a little more than a week, but so much has happened!!! An Aussie Christmas, a few more scuba certifications while swimming with massive rays, New Year’s Eve on the Sydney Harbor, and of course trying out Virgin Australia long-haul business class.  And I haven’t even done my 2 night stay at the Park Hyatt Sydney which would usually go for about 850 USD per night.  But I wouldn’t Get Gowing if I actually paid that much for it.  Nor could I afford it anyway.  I’ll be writing some of those posts while I’m here in Oz so you will get some good reading in.

In the meantime, here’s a tip I just stumbled upon in the Sydney CBD (Central Business District, all their cities have one, and it’s pretty self explanatory what it is). As an American traveling here, costs can eat you alive pretty quickly. A typical meal that would be about 6-8 USD, like a sandwich and a drink, will be around 10-15 AUD (Australian Dollar). One of the obvious ways to save money is to cook your own food, but sometimes that isn’t feasible. If you head into Chinatown, there are relatively cheap meals there, and also in shopping mall food courts. The Market City shopping center 5 minute walk away from Central Station has all Asian food in the food court, but most offer a selection of 3 entrees + rice or noodles for 7.90-8.90 AUD. OR in the heart of the CBD in the MLC Center underground where there are several eateries; most of them cater to businessmen and women and only serve lunch.  So when I got there around 3:45-4pm, many of them were offering their leftovers from lunch for only 5 AUD!  I picked up a combo box of rice with green and red curry chicken from a Thai place, and an awesome chicken avocado cheese mixed greens pesto panini for 10 AUD.  Every dollar here and there adds up.

Wall Street Journal article on First Class for “cheap”

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The WSJ put out an article today (HERE) glazing over how travel hackers travel lavishly for cents on the dollar.  Its an ok article, but if you’re in this game as a purely leisure traveler paying everything out of pocket, and spending upwards of $7,000 to achieve top tier status on an airline, you’re either doing it wrong or just super inefficient.  All this is moot anyway since the world is ending in less than 8 hours from now.


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