Gas money savings results, and free Delta ticket giveaway

In January I wrote about the possibility of saving up to 8% on gas for life. Here are the results from what I did:

  • I purchased $1,200 in BP gas cards.
  • Those gift cards in return got me 348.981 gallons.

Again, using those gas cards let me pay the cash price instead of the credit price. At every fill-up, the cash price was $0.10 less than the credit price. Had I filled up using a regular credit card paying credit prices, I would have spent $1,234.90. (I kept a spreadsheet of every fill up noting what the cash price, credit price, number of gallons, and total sale of fuel was.)

I saved $34.90 or 2.83%.

But at the time American Express was offering a 5% statement credit on all BP purchases, so I effectively only spent $1,140 (a 5% rebate of $1,200 is $60). That translates to a savings of $94.90.

I actually saved $94.90 or 7.68%.

These savings can be reproduced indefinitely if a few conditions are met:

  • You usually pay with a credit card (to earn miles/points of course) and there is a discount for paying cash
  • Using the company gas card is like paying with cash
  • Your credit card offers at least a 5% return for gas purchases

There are several cards that currently offer 5% cash back for gas purchases. Discover, Chase Freedom, and the PenFed Platinum. The Discover and Chase Freedom offer 5% only during the 1st and 3rd quarters of the year, and is capped at $1,500 for each of those quarters. $3,000 a year total for those two cards. The PenFed Platinum Gas cards have no limit, so if you purchase more than $3,000 a year in gas, you may want to consider that credit card.

On this particular deal, I did a little better than $94.90 in savings since I also earned 2,400 Membership Reward points.

Free Delta Ticket Giveaway

From my post yesterday, I have an unused companion certificate that is going to expire at the end of the month. Along with the free companion certificate, I am also including two “Have One on Us” certificates good for one alcoholic drink or non-perishable food item. For more information and how to claim this free companion ticket, read my post “Free airline ticket giveaway!


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