American Airlines fare sale to the Far East, and AAdvantage Gold Elite status for $721.20

American is having a sale to Beijing, Shanghai, and Tokyo.  Book by January 30, 2012, start your itinerary by March 31st, and complete it by April 30th.  Here are some sample one-way fares:

JFK-PEK (with stops) for only $376 each way

For those like me that want to get the most mileage for your buck, there are very loose routes, where you can go JFK-LAX-ORD-PEK.  In my example below, I picked the absolute cheapest fares, while trying to use the farthest connections allowed at those fares.

Outbound: JFK-MIA-ORD-PEK (8866 miles)

Inbound: PEK-ORD-MCO-JFK (8528 miles)

Total mileage = 17,394 miles.

If you take into account the DOUBLE Elite Qualifying Miles, register free here, through January 31, then you will bring you to a grand total of 26,260 Elite Qualifying miles (In my example, only the outbound would qualify for the double Elite Qualifying Miles).  Enough for AAdvantage Gold Status!  All for only spending $721.20.  AND you get to see Beijing, and probably the Great Wall.  Get in while the fares last!

JFK-PEK (with stops) for only $376 each way


2 Responses to “American Airlines fare sale to the Far East, and AAdvantage Gold Elite status for $721.20”

  1. Chris Moss Says:

    Weird how the outbound price is so much different than the inbound price. I know sometimes the prices departing from a different country is a different price for the same routes, but in my experience, the same booking code has the same price (or at least close to it).

    For example, I used to book ATL-NRT-ATL for $1600 ($800 each way) and inbetween the trip, I’d insert one or two other round-trips NRT-ATL-NRT which was only $800 ($400 each way).

    Any thought why that is not the case with AA this time or am I just not understanding something?

    • I was wondering the same thing. At first, I would guess its some type of origination fee. But I think those get tacked on later as taxes/fees, and not built into the fare. I assume its similar to what Lucky wrote in this post.

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