CHEAP fare (sub $350) to Warsaw, Poland!

If you are interested in going to Warsaw for short vacation, or even just a long weekend, there are rock bottom fares originating from New York JFK airport.  You may be able to depart from other US cities, but it may be a little more.

Fare is available through Orbitz or, but you must use the multi-city tool to get these fares to show up.  Is available for many dates from the end of October 2011 to the end of March 2012.  The main requirement is that these fares require a Sunday night stay.  Obviously, book now and think about it later, as this fare will probably disappear soon, as with any other cheap or mistake fares.



You also must route through Montreal (YUL).  There are rumblings that you can route through Toronto (YYZ) but they seem to come up a little more.  Here is a sample of mine going during Martin Luther King weekend in January 2012. Multicity tool search

Not the greatest in terms of connection times, but if you're willing to spend a little more ($360), you can route through YYZ (Toronto) on the way home and get home Monday night.

And for those that care, this is a very good fare for a mileage run.  You are paying 3.66 cents per mile (EQM), for a total of 9232 Elite Qualifying Miles, and if you have Elite status, 11542/18464/20774 miles if you are Silver/Gold or Platinum/Diamond Medallion.  The corresponding cents per mile for the redeemable miles are 2.93/1.83/1.63.  Get in on it while it lasts.  Probably going to disappear very soon!  Book now, think later.  Remember, if you book through, you can fully refund any ticket if returned by 23:59 the next day after booking!


2 Responses to “CHEAP fare (sub $350) to Warsaw, Poland!”

  1. I tried the same itinerary and came up with $4264.20!!

    • @Paul – These mistake fares are usually time sensitive. However, I’m not sure how you got that. I just did the same exact itinerary again, and am still coming up with $337.90

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