Some views of where I’m staying

Its been a little more than a week now.  The umbrella organization of the band that I am staying/performing with is a Tenrikyo church, Aimachi, located in Nagoya.  But the actual rehearsal facilities and pretty much anything to do with the band is located at a subordinate church in Handa (about 45 minutes south of Nagoya) called Aikiyo.  The complex that I’m staying in has the church, the parsonage (or their equivalent of one), a cafeteria, a HUGE rehearsal gym and several rooms for the different sections to rehearse in, along with gorgeous Japanese landscaping all over the campus.

Main entrance gate

The original Aikiyo church and grounds (from just inside the main gate)

Neat training & pruning of a tree

More landscape, from between the parsonage and church going farther back into the campus

Central garden. That "Dome House" is where I stay, in the basement.

Another view of the central garden.


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