Calling Delta Customer Service

Sorry I haven’t been updating any trip reports (since I now have two Asia trips pending).  I am here in Japan to rehearse with the Tenrikyo Aimachi Marching Band.  We are performing in exhibition at the Basel Tattoo in Basel, Switzerland, in mid-July.  I’ve been busy catching up learning my positions and music.  But once those are learned, be assured I’ll be putting up all my pending posts!

Part of my itinerary coming to Japan was FRA-SVO-NRT (Frankfurt-Moscow-Tokyo Narita) on Aeroflot, a SkyTeam partner with Delta.  Now when I purchased the tickets, I made sure to purchase a high enough fare class so that I would earn 100% MQMs (Medallion Qualifying Miles – miles solely for gaining status with the airline) instead of 75% or 25% with cheaper fares.  Well apparently in the past week or so, Delta changed the earnings so that my fare classes would only earn 75% instead of the full 100%.  I wrote an email (through their comments/complaints section on their website) stating my disapproval of this, and their response was that I was given 100% MQMs, though the amount definitely wasn’t 100%.  SVO-NRT is about 4675 miles, and I was only given 3,600 miles.  Clearly not 100%.  After two phone calls to Delta, and one email complaint about this, I was given full credit of these miles.

Anyway, the point I was going to make is that if you are calling Delta, or perhaps any other phone customer service that is 24 hours, you may have better luck with agents that are more cooperative and helpful late at night, rather than during normal calling hours.  Many seem to not worry as much about their call handling time and are just helpful.  However, I think these are the times where there are also a handful of agents that are still new to the job, so they don’t encounter as much volume in their training process.  But at least late at night, your wait times will be considerably less.  Your mileage may vary.


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