Shopping in Nagoya

I was excited since I’ve never been in a situation where I get to go shopping, and I have to spend $500.  (If you’re not sure what I’m referring to, read this post) Its pretty cool to walk in a store and say,”Help me spend $500.”  We went to an Adidas store and I picked up the pair of shoes I’ve been wanting, then we head over to Banana Republic.  Its an American company, and I like their stuff, so I figured I could get some jeans and other things and I know how they fit my body.  This video pretty much sums up my entire experience shopping that day.

If you are an American (or American sized, or just bigger than the average Japanese person) you may have a difficult time finding clothes that fit you.  I tried on several pairs of jeans, and they all fit really awkwardly.  And my rear didn’t look good in them, either.

In the end, all I ended up buying was a pair of running shoes and a nice polo shirt from Banana Republic.  To a whopping grand total of about $150.  😦  And now that by bag came back, I can’t spend anymore, unless its delayed again.  Oh well, at least I got back what I laid out in premiums.


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