My Flight Memory statistics

An interesting website I stumbled upon a few months ago, and started filling out and updating is Flight Memory.  A neat little site that stores all your flight information, and can show you on a map all the routes you’ve flown, longest flight (by distance or time), shortest flight (by distance or time), most popular airports, etc.  You should check it out!  Here’s mine.

(I had to dig through my email for all my previous itineraries.  I want an accurate reading of how long I’ve been on a plane, so I use either or soon after I land to check the actual departure/arrival flight times, versus the scheduled ones.  My charts are a little inaccurate since I didn’t start using actual times until January 2011.  Also, I only have stats going back to only 2006.  I know there are several flights missing in my childhood, including several trips from NY to the West Coast, and 2 trips from NY to the Philippines.)

Get Gowing on Flight Memory

More interesting statistics on the linked page

My US domestic map is also on the linked page


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