I’m ready….

I’m sitting in the Delta Skyclub in the Atlanta Terminal E enjoying a nice Sweetwater 420 Pale Ale.  I finished a tour of all the Skyclubs, and scored 14 certificates!  That’s 4200 Membership Reward points!  If you’re confused as to what I’m talking about, read this post.  In the other Terminal E Skyclub, as I was checking in, the agent just handed me a handful of certificates.  🙂

This trip will be different than any of my other trips.  I recently bought an Osprey Waypoint 85 backpack/conversion bag to travel with so I’m not hauling a large suitcase through crowded cities.  Hope I made a good choice!  Well, gotta run.  The walk to gate E4 is a hefty one.  Here we go….Frankfurt Ho!

The Tokyo subway's got nothin this time around.....


4 Responses to “I’m ready….”

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  2. […] in to the farther lounge, the agent just gave me a handful of 300 bonus point certificates (which I previously mentioned here)…which is how I ended up with 13 certificates when there are only 8 lounges in Atlanta. […]

  3. Franklin Says:

    How is the Waypoint 85 serving you? How tall are you? Which size did you buy (M or L)? I’m debating on getting the 65 or 85 for mens. I want that extra bottom storage on the 85 but I’m afraid the 85 maybe feel rediculously oversized (like wearing a large luggage on your back). Surprising the picture of you with the pack looks fitting. You’re opinion?

    • @ Franklin – I’m about 6′ tall, and I bought the Medium sized one. I actually set it so that the straps are all the way down. That’s the only way that the straps lay against my back and there isn’t a gap. Surprising, since you’ve got to be a really really big person to fit the Large. I’m happy with it so far. I wish I didn’t have to carry around so much stuff, but I definitely needed the 85. I don’t have that much backpacking experience, but I don’t think it feels like a huge luggage on my back. I went to several outdoor stores and test fitted backpacks with weight to see what it would be like. I mainly picked it for the lockable zippers, and the flap that seals all the straps since I plan on flying alot with it.

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