Delta changes baggage fees, unannounced. Shame them.

Amazing.  When its an issue that is pro-consumer, Delta tells the world through every outlet imaginable.  When it raises fees and takes more money out of YOUR pocket, you never hear anything until you’re at the airport, or online checking in, when its already too late.

I haven’t had to deal with baggage fees in a long time, but this still makes me angry.  According to, you will incur the fee changes if you purchased your ticket June 1, 2011 or later.  The old rules still remain if it was before then, no matter when your travel is.

The main change is the fee for travel between the US and:

  • US (domestic flights) + US Virgin Islands + Puerto Rico
  • Caribbean
  • Europe & Canada

Or if you are flying wholly between Europe and India.

The following chart will only pertain to you if you DO NOT have any status with Delta, Alaska Airlines, a Sky Team airline, or if you DO NOT have a Delta Skymiles American Express credit card.

There are also some issues for Medallions, too.  The new rules are still a little confusing, especially for the elite ranks, but from what I can tell:

  • Previously, if a Medallion has an itinerary wholly in economy (did not get confirmed upgrade before the gate), we were allowed to check up to 70 lbs.
  • Currently, if wholly in economy, we are only allowed up to 50 lbs., including itineraries to Europe.

I personally think that sucks, especially since I have a long trip coming up, with a ticket to Europe.  Sometimes I am between 55-60 lbs., and its not something I want to worry about nor pay for.  But just like Delta didn’t really tell the public, they probably didn’t tell their employees either.  I’m sure the terminal agents will be just as confused as the Medallions regarding weight limits for their luggage.


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