Addendum to the previous post about the US Airways promotion bonus

Before you read this post, read “Flying international business class for a little more than economy prices first.

To see even more of the world, it MAY be possible to go to Southeast Asia via Europe….meaning fly from the Bahamas to Zurich, stop and stay awhile, then continue on to Singapore.  Obviously the possibilities are enormous since both Europe and Southeast Asia have a large concentration of big cities close by to each other.

Also, award tickets are generally good for up to year.  So you don’t need to do this jaunt almost around the world all in one trip.  Here are your two tickets, Home-Caribbean & Caribbean-Southeast Asia, broken down into individual legs:

  • Home-Caribbean (A)
  • Caribbean-Home (B)
  • Caribbean-Home (C)
  • Home-Bangkok (D)
  • Bangkok-London (E)
  • London-Home (F)
  • Home-Caribbean (G)
You could make your Home, a stopover on your award ticket.  So between now and next June, you could take:
  • June 25 – Flight A
  • June 30 – Flight C
  • Stay home for a few months, teach summer school…whatever you want to do.
  • December 20 – Flight D
  • December 28 – Flight E
  • January 3 – Flight F
  • Stay home for a few months again, teach school, go to work,…whatever you want to do.
  • April 15 – Flight G
  • April 20 – Flight B
Through this sample, you went to:
  1. The Caribbean in late June 2011
  2. Thailand for Christmas
  3. London for New Year’s
  4. The Caribbean again for Spring Break
Don’t think just because you have a ticket does it mean that it all has to be used at once.  The great thing about award tickets is that their price doesn’t change and can be used over a long period of time.  Granted, an itinerary exactly like this may be impossible with blackout dates/lack of availability and require hours of planning, but it would definitely be worth it.  Think outside the box.  A necessity to travel hack.
What are you waiting for,  Get Gowing!

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