Cheap fares to Hawaii!

This is being discussed everywhere, on every travel blog I read.  There is an ongoing airfare war happening, and here’s another benefit for us travelers.  United/Continental has dropped fares to rock bottom to Hawaii. Here are some sample fares to Honolulu (including tax, for a roundtrip ticket, available in either direction):

  • SFO: $340
  • DEN: $423
  • ORD: $441
  • IAH: $474
  • EWR: $499
  • IAD: $518

These fares will definitely not last long.  Probably won’t even last until the end of today, 5/24.  But if you’re interested you can search for your trip on my default search engine, Kayak, then book it on  I would suggest you book now and work out the details later. bookings also have the option for their FareLock, which is like a stock option.  For my search EWR-HNL, I can place a hold on a ticket $9 which is good for 72 hours, or $15 for 7 days.  It would be worth it to me if I wanted some time to think about it.  So far, it seems these fares will last until 3/31/2012.  Jump on them before they’re gone!


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