NJ Turnpike and defogging

Did you know that the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane on the NJ Turnpike, you’re allowed to drive a hybrid, alternate fuel, or motorcycle in that lane without any passengers during the enforced times?  There is a really small sign posted, probably only once every 10-15 miles, and I drove by one today.

Also, as I was driving on the Turnpike today, in the ridiculous rain, my windows kept fogging up.  A tip from my friend Jason that always works like a charm:

To defog your windows quickly, open your vent so that it is fresh air coming inside, not recirculated air.  Then obviously set your vent direction to de-fog, and turn ON the air conditioner.  You don’t necessarily have to have the air temperature set to cold or hot.  Warm/in the middle also works.  Try it out next time.


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