Impromptu trip

Friday May 13, 2011

Yesterday I went on the most impulsive trip I have ever done.  I was talking to my friend Patrick on Facebook, who is from Georgia, and he was talking about sitting by the pool, having an adult beverage, enjoying the nice 88º Georgia weather.  I said,” Man I’d love to be there right now.”

“Come on down!”

“I’ve got plenty of miles, and finding a 25,000 mile award seat is really easy for last minute.  [Its about 11:15am 5/12/2011 right now.]  And I would need to find a ride to and from the airport.  I don’t want to pay for parking……AND I would have to turn down work if they called me in.”

“Well we have room here if you want to spend a couple nights in atl.  lol”

A few more minutes pass of weighing the pros and cons, and I decide I’m going to do it….just need to secure rides.  My mom agreed to pick me up tomorrow afternoon, so I scrambled and managed to secure a ride with our really nice neighbor.

Definitely the most impulsive.  From 11:15am, I bought my ticket, found rides,  checked in, went to the lounge, and was on an airplane by 1:50pm.  So we’re off to play some tennis, drink some beers, and enjoy the pool.  This trip wasn’t a complete waste though.  But more on that in another post.  Also, Patrick recently came back from the Bahamas, and he will be guest blogging about his trip to an all-inclusive resort.  Be back tomorrow.  Happy Friday!


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