Amsterdam follow up (April 2011)

I missed a few wrap-up points in my last post about Amsterdam.  If you haven’t read that, or any of the other posts from my quasi-‘Round the World trip, don’t read this yet.

About the Anne Frank House:

Definitely a must see while there.  My eyes definitely watered a little bit reliving what Anne went through.  I had a similar, but nowhere near as intense, feeling after visiting the atomic bomb museum in Hiroshima, Japan.  I felt a little better though since we weren’t the ones doing the damage this time.

The Icebar:

I was so wrapped up in my conversations with people around the world (the alcohol didn’t help) that I completely forgot about going to the Icebar!  The fact that I forgot to go didn’t even hit me until about a week later.  I was so in shock already from the sights and experiences from London and early Amsterdam that I wasn’t to bothered by the fact.  So its also on my list of priorities when I go.

My next list of things to do while in Amsterdam:

  • Listen to a concert in the most perfect sounding hall in the world, the Concertgebouw.  The orchestra isn’t half bad, either.
  • the Van Gogh museum
  • the Heineken Experience
  • rent a bike and bike around for a day, or the whole time and use it as my main mode of transportation
  • play poker in a casino, specifically Omaha & Omaha hi/lo.
  • read a book/have a picnic in one of the parks outside the city
  • sample as much Dutch cheese and chocolate
  • try and enjoy all the menu items from a coffee shop (not in one sitting)

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