Even better international travel competition

In looking at the information for the previous post about Competitours, I found a different travel competition that spans the entire globe, not just one region, lasts about 3 weeks, and has Get Gowing written all over it.

Global Scavenger Hunt, Great Escape

From their FAQs, “GreatEscape is only for the most savvy globe hoppers and travel enthusiasts. While not physically demanding, The Global Scavenger Hunt contestants should have some experience in dealing with spontaneous travel circumstances, foreign cultures, and language barriers…..While you don’t need to be a Century Club member, feeling confident and comfortable anywhere in the world we might happen to visit, is rather essential. That means places like: India, China, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, non-English speaking nations, nations with different cultures, different foods, different religions, yes, different ways of doing things–you know, like the rest of the world!”

Exactly what Chris Gow is looking for.  :-).  The major roadblock is that it is much pricier than Competitours, coming in at about $10,000.  But my philosophy is that great life experiences are priceless.  So I would save up to take the trip.  And besides, my teammate and I will win this competition, and the first prize is about $10,000.

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