Hilton London Paddington Station review and the adventure trying to make a phone call

Read how I scored this hotel in my quick overview of how to maximize Priceline HERE.

I only spent about 6 hours total in this hotel, and I forgot to take pictures of anything.  The room was small, with only two twin beds.  The view overlooked the glass roof of the Paddington Station, so that was nice.  However, the customer service was not so nice.  I expected more from a Hilton.  At the previous hotel (Courthouse Doubletree by Hilton London-Regent Street), the concierge and front desk tried to do whatever they could to please us, and would seemingly go out of their way to do so.

The Hilton Paddington Station was the first upper-middle tier hotel I’ve stayed at that didn’t have a free business center.  There was nowhere inside to check email for free.  Ridiculous.  They charged £5 per 30 minutes.  £5 for 30 minutes.  To connect to the internet.  On their crappy desktops.  Horseshit.

Then when I go ask if I can use the hotel phone to call my friend’s cell, they said they can’t let me use their phones (when the Doubletree concierge even dialed the number for me and gave me the phone).  He said if you have £ coins you can go to the train station and use their payphones.  I even asked as a favor if I could use his mobile, but also got denied.  So I run over to McDonalds to try and use their internet so I can call my friend using Skype, but I couldn’t connect to their network.

I’m now getting a little desperate, and start asking people on the street if I can use their mobiles.  I finally run into this Filipino family pulling their luggage, who just stopped on a corner to decide where they were going to eat.  I politely interrupt their Tagalog conversation to ask if I may use one of their phones to call my friend.  The mother initially says no, but then the father asks if I am Filipino, to which I say yes.

“Ok.  Sige na”  (Ok.  go ahead.)

Being a fellow Filipino certainly has its perks.  🙂


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