300 FREE AmEx Membership Reward points for visiting a Delta Skyclub

There is a current promotion run by American Express that if you visit a Delta Skyclub via your American Express Platinum card, you get a coupon redeemable online for 300 Membership Reward points.  It seems you can really rake some serious points in if you have some time and transit through Atlanta (ATL).  There are 8 locations there.  So if you had an itinerary that went something like JFK-ATL-DTW-SFO (New York JFK, Atlanta, Detroit, San Francisco), you could rake in 17 coupons, or 5100 points just for visiting every lounge.  This is also assuming you visit the lounge in SFO upon arrival.  Granted, you wouldn’t be able to visit ALL the lounges on the way back home in JFK since they are split up between two terminals.  But still, even 9000 Membership Reward points just for doing something you were going to do anyway is pretty nice.  Leverage that with bonus promotions on transfers and that could really be worth some dough at the end.

This promotion from AmEx ends at the end of June 2011.


2 Responses to “300 FREE AmEx Membership Reward points for visiting a Delta Skyclub”

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  2. […] 300 Membership Reward points for Delta Skyclub visits […]

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