JFK-LHR DL 148 and JFK T3 Sky Club

My Global Entry benefit from the American Express Platinum Card is almost finalized.  The online application was conditionally approved, pending a live interview.  I scheduled it for 7:20pm, in JFK, the Friday of my flight out to London.

Starting out, I almost miss the 6:27pm LIRR to Jamaica.  Even making the train, I didn’t want to show up late for this interview, and it was cutting it close.  I get in, the train is packed, and I’m almost dripping in sweat from running to the track.

It was a fairly quick train ride, then I have to transfer to where the Airtrain is to go to JFK.

Awesome Train.  Fast and smooth.  Here are some pics of JFK on the way in.

The interview is in Terminal 4.  I power walk to try and make it in time.  Its now probably 7:18pm.  When I finally get to the office, they ask for my driver’s license (to confirm my residence) and ask me some basic background check questions.  Any immigration problems….any convictions or arrests….etc…I finally get approved, and they show me how to work the kiosk.  After that, I’m all set.  No waiting for Immigration or Customs when returning back to the US for the next 5 years.  🙂

I use my Amex Delta Reserve credit card to get my 2 friends in as guests in the big SkyClub lounge in Terminal 3.  Its on the left just as you get through TSA (which I still can’t stand).  The Delta SkyClub lounges in the US pale in comparison to most international lounges.  SkyClubs offer free alcohol (though many offer a local microbrew in addition to standard drafts like Miller Lite), free wifi, and small snacks like veggies & hummus, cookies, pretzels, mixed nuts, dried fruit, nutella.  Some lounges have showers, but only at the Delta international gateway airports.  However, JFK does have a little more expanded wine selection.

Gina, Jamie, Me at the bar in the JFK T3 SkyClub

Jamie sampling the snacks. Needs a little cleaning up.



I have several Sam Adams Noble Pilsner Drafts, and a few glasses of wine, and after a few interesting conversations with the hot bartender Cassie, we head over to start boarding.

We are all Zone 1, though when we get there, there was a long queue.

Turns out, as I approach the desk, they just call for Zones 1, 2, & 3 to board.  OOps.  All three of us quickly cut the line and start getting settled in to our seats.

767-400 forward economy section with in-seat power

The BusinessElite cabin. Unfortunately, not our seats.

I change into pajama pants and slippers, then chat up with “Lizzie” in the galley between Economy and BusinessElite.  She was mixing mimosas for the Business class passengers.  I work my magic trying to get a mimosa, and she says, “Here, just take it, but don’t tell anybody.” Score.   🙂

"Lizzy" giving me the goods

I drink it in the galley, while chatting up a few other flight attendants.  I tell them my itinerary in the next couple weeks, and one of them asks,”Are you a flight attendant?”  Made me smile.  When I start walking back to my seat, I see my friend talking to another attendant.  As I get closer, they both smile and the attendant says,”The seat in front of you is a mother, and she requests if her two children (minors) can switch seats with you.  I slowly agree, (Only to try and get something extra in return.  I was going to agree anyway.) then we take our similar seats, just 6 rows back.  I try and score fast passes (which they usually only give out to business class passengers) through immigration, but they only have enough for the premium passengers.

The assistant purser comes walking through the cabin and asks my friend and I which one of us is Christopher, and I say its me.  She thanks me for my loyalty to Delta as a Gold Medallion, along with agreeing to move my seat for the family, and that if there is anything she can do to make my flight better (as in not pay for any spirits) to let her know.  Score Again.

Dinner Service

Chicken, rice, and mixed vegetables with a mustard sauce

For dessert there was Tillamook cheddar & mozzarella blend cheese with crackers and a Cookies & cream brownie.

I had red wine from a carton to accompany my meal.  I was sooooo hungry at this point, everything tasted good.  It was probably the fastest I’ve ever eaten a meal before.

Small aside:  There are alot of really attractive girls without male travel partners on this flight.  Two hot Britons we saw checking in at the SkyPriority lanes are actually sitting right in front of us.  But I think they think we’re just a couple of stupid American guys.  On the bright side, on the opposite side of the plane in the window seats are another 2 girls that keep giving us looks.

I fall asleep shortly afterwards, but I do wake up mid-flight to look out the window and see a beautiful Atlantic Ocean sunrise.

A gorgeous sunrise

I take a second to enjoy life, then pass out.

However, had I been awake, this plane had a decent selection of movies and TV on the personal TVs each seat had.  It just sucks that some shows & movies require pu

I’m pretty sure there was another small “meal” given pre-arrival but I think I slept through it.  I wake up as they announce final approach and to put our seat backs and tray tables up.  Again, the assistant purser comes by and thanks my loyalty and hands me a LHR Immigration Fast Track Pass.

By this point, I don’t think anything could make the flight any better.  Unless of course I got initiated in a certain club.  😉  Anyway, that’s now 3 points for Gow.

The first hitch in this flight came after we landed.  To taxi to our gate, we had to cross another runway.  I guess there were a few delays, cause we sat there and I must have watched about 12 planes take off one after another before we were finally allowed to cross, which took a good 15-20 minutes.  Second hitch is when we get to the Fast Track lane.  The guy controlling the lane allows my 2 buddies and me to use the lane, which was awesome.  Not so awesome was that there was only one agent dedicated to this lane, while the general lanes had about 8-10.  And this agent went through everybody’s history and travel plans with a fine tooth comb.  Does she know this is the business class lane?  What does she think we’re gonna do?  Needless to say, I think we broke even using the Fast Track lane.

I’ll leave you with some airline porn that I was able to shoot as we taxied to our gate.


Qantas A380

Singapore Airlines A380


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