American Express Membership Rewards points transfer update

My Delta Skymiles account Before


On 3/31 I registered for Amex Membership Rewards and advanced (borrowed) 51,000 Membership Rewards points to transfer to Delta. (After a research phone call to Amex, 50k for the signup bonus + 1k for the $1000 spend requirement) Here are the before and after totals for my Delta Skymiles account. :-)

You may have noticed, and I was half expecting, that only bonus #2 went through. I heard that the double dipping of the 30% & 50% bonuses wasn’t working anymore. The no 30% bonus still isn’t a deal breaker. So now I’m only 23.5k Medallion Qualification Miles away from Platinum Medallion. Sweet. My Delta Reserve Amex will give me 15k Medallion Qualification Miles after I spend $30k in 2011 so really I’m only 8.5k Medallion Qualification Miles away, which will be really easy to get. I actually might have that after my trips next week. Holy shit I’m leaving next week.

What I didn’t know was that Membership Rewards transfers incur taxes. The 51k points accrued $30.60 in taxes. The tax is $0.0006 per point, with a max at $99. Fine by me. Worthwhile for when I redeem them for long haul business class tickets to a few destinations.

Another consideration for those of you who want to get in on this. The Platinum card only accrues 1 Membership Rewards points/$1 spent. The Gold Premier Rewards card earns 3points/$1 on airfare, 2points/$1 on gas & groceries, 1point/$1 on everything else. The annual fee for the first year is waived, but after that it is $175/year. Something I may consider to afterwards.

My Delta Skymiles account After


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