American Express Platinum Benefits

The main perks of the Amex Platinum (at least to me, and probably any other layman without 6 figure savings accounts, ie private jet travel services):

1.  Starwood Preferred Guest – Gold Status
2.  Access to Delta, AA, USAir, United/Continental (until 9/30/2011) airport lounges with 2 guests.
3.  Complimentary Priority Pass Select (more access to airline lounges around the world. Is going to go public with this announcement and be able to enroll in it 4/4/2011. The difference between Priority Pass Select access and regular Amex Plat access is that you don’t need to be ticketed on that airline to access the lounge)
4.  $200 in airline incidental charges per year. So if I get charged baggage fees, or want to buy food on the plane/in a lounge, or even change fees for a ticket. I can be reimbursed up to $200 per year. Unfortunately can’t be used on tickets though. Still pretty nice.
5.  NO Foreign transaction fees (just recently announced about a month ago)
6.  Avis Preferred
7.  National Emerald Club Executive
8.  Hertz #1 Club Gold
9.  Concierge 24/7 for anything I will ever need.

There are more benefits that are a little beyond my pay-grade, like private jet service, or private yacht, or reservations with Fine Hotels & Resorts, or limo service. Also, access to Amex premium presale tickets on Ticketmaster for many concerts & events. I did that once, bought Bon Jovi tickets when he opened the new Meadowlands. Barely made a profit.


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